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A Most Tasty Tea


This tea is a winner, IMHO.
It is made from two common kitchen spices that are tasty and chock full of anti-oxidants. The tea is
composed of equal amounts of cinnamon and ginger. Some time ago I tried it for the first time after
learning about it from Michael Tierra, author of  “The Way of Herbs.” I was one of his students and saw it in a course book.


Add about one to two teaspoons of each herb per cup (8 oz. cup) of hot water. If it is too “spicy” for you try reducing the amount of ginger compared to the cinnamon. Grated fresh ginger and stick cinnamon (broken up some) work best, but you can use the powdered spices also. If you don’t like “muddy” tea use an oxygen bleached offee filter to hold the spices. A twistee-tie makes a good closure or the coffee filter. I tried the
tea with crystallized ginger too. Great! This method adds just the right amount of sweetness, I think.


This brew is kind of a “picker-upper” drink in addition to the other traditional benefits of the two
herbal ingredients. Try this combination for your next cup of tea on a cool, rainy day. I think you will like it!


Author: Jerry, originally published Nov. 10, 1999 NOTE: Our standard cautionary
disclaimer applies. Adults only to make the tea and to supervise children in using it., please!.


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