Welcome to GettingHealthy-Naturally. I’m Jerry, the web master of this site and the author. I believe that for most of us a path closer to nature is better. To clarify: What we eat and drink and, when necessary, what we use to heal ourselves is often best chosen from what God (or if you prefer, Mother Nature)  made for us.  Don’t get me wrong,  I am not totally anti-medical establishment. Sometimes only a doctor, hospital, or pharmaceutical drug will save us from a grevious injury or severe medical condition.  When you need a doctor, go to  one! Don’t rely on natural healing without first getting an opinion from a certified health care provider.  In this  web site and blog (GettingHealthy-Naturally.com) we only pass along empirical wisdom gleaned from, tens,  hundreds, even thousands  of years of human experience. No one on this site (including myself) is qualified to diagnose, or treat any medical problem you may have.  

Having said that (the required warning above), I do think that most of us, as reasonably intelligent, cautious adults, have the abilty to choose healthy foods and liquids (including familiar herbs and teas that have been used as food) to maintain our health as we age.  Part of this natural wisdom dictates that we also avoid toxins, either natural or manmade. This is my focus: to provide as much knowledge about achieving  good health naturally as possible. I will need your help. On this site (blog) I seek true stories of healthy adults (especially stories from well persons over 50 who take no pharmaceutical drugs). Tell our readers what you do to stay healthy. We  look forward to your stories (please document your health with medical test values whenever possible). Thank you !

Jerry (webmaster, GettingHealthy-Naturally. com)