Olive oil! Did you ever try E. V. olive oil to soften your hands and skin? Don’t laugh. I have used olive oil for years to soften and smooth my skin when it is extra dry and rough. I work outside a lot and this method works fine for me, even when my hands are so dry the skin starts to split. This olive oil treatment works for women with softer skin as well. It works great and it is actually less expensive per ounce than commercial hand cream (more on the cost later). To soften and sooth your hands you only need to apply a few drops (only about an eighth of a teaspoon or less) to the back of your hand and rub it in. Seldom do you need to put any oil on your palms as they aren’t usually as dry as the back of your hand. To keep your palms free of excess oil you can use a piece of soft cloth or tissue to rub the olive oil in to the back of your hand or other skin surfaces. Your skin may feel somewhat oily at first, but the olive oil is absorbed within a few minutes and your skin will feel wonderful. I think the E.V. olive oil actually works better than any over the counter hand cream I have ever tried (and I tried a lot). You try it yourself; I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. Even the cost of the treatment using this “new” method (actually used since Roman times) will be a treat.


Extra virgin olive oil is too expensive to use for hand lotion, right? Well, maybe you should think again. I did some cost research and found that a popular lotion (Jergens) was selling at a “deep” discount local box store for $4.99 for a 21 ounce jar. This was a sale price also. The cost per ounce is 23 and ¾ cents. Extra virgin olive oil at a members club was $15.98 (every day price) for one hundred and one ounces. That comes out to only 15.83 cents per ounce, much less than the commercial lotion!  Thanks for reading my article! Jerry (Webmaster)

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